Year: 2018
Location: Madrid, SP

Materials: Demolition waste, debris bag and light tube
Manufacturer: Self-produced
Edition: Unique piece

I have recently designed my first interior project, our new home/studio in Madrid. During the construction process I decided to get phisically involved and worked as an assistant to all the people that where contributing in the space: builders, plumbers, electricians, painters, metal workers or kitchen technicians; the aim was to absorb – through practice – as much knowledge as posible regarding those activities.

This experience was the starting point for Reforma (refurbishment): a new project that pay homage to all those professions that usually are underestimated but which without them none of us would ever have a house. This on-going project use the leftovers from the construction to make site-specific objects that will further transform the identity of the space.

Escombros (debris) is the first outcome of this initiative: demolition waste, a debris bag and a reclaimed light tube form a tangible recognition to one of the most unsatisfactory activities for construction workers.

This piece was presented for the first time at Molto Molto Fouri, an exhibition that took place in Madrid during Fuorisalone; this initiative selects artists and designers that feel very far away from Salone del Mobile, not just geographically but intellectually.

Photography - Nico Chiaravalloti